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Bank entitled to Bankruptcy Adjudication despite Borrowers’ Claim of Estoppel

In a recent High Court Judgment, the Court found that Allied Irish Banks Plc was entitled to adjudication on foot of a Petition for Bankruptcy against two Debtors, who raised a defence of promissory estoppel arising from their claim that the Bank had agreed that their family home and farm would not be pursued in enforcing the outstanding debt owed to the Bank.

27 Jun 2016

Employers Beware - fair procedures are required at all stages of an employee relationship

Fair investigative procedure should be set in place and followed by all employers no matter how large or small and investigations carried out by personnel who are trained specifically to handle employee complaints. 

09 Jun 2016

Central Bank (Variable Rate Mortgages) Bill 2016

An analysis of the Central Bank (Variable Rate Mortgages) Bill 2016  

27 May 2016

Non-Oral Variation Clauses - How Reliable Are They?

An examination of the decision in Globe Motors Inc. v TRW Lucas Verity Electric Steering Limited and Another together with an analysis of its potential effect on commercial contracts in this jurisdiction

27 May 2016

New EU Trade Mark Reform

Regulation (EU) No 2015/2424 entered into force on 23 March 2016 (the “Amending Regulation”).

08 Apr 2016

New Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform launched by the European Commission

New Online Dispute Resolution Platform Launched by EU Commission

02 Mar 2016