Peter Lonergan

Intern - The 2018 Summer Internship Programme

I’m a Business and Law student from UCD and I’m about to enter my final year. I decided to focus on becoming a solicitor after my first week in college and I haven’t looked back since. I chose an internship in AMOSS because it seemed like an up and coming Irish law firm, having grown from a handful of solicitors to almost a hundred staff since it was founded in 2012. I also liked their focus on corporate law, with their departments focusing on areas like Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Litigation and Commercial Law. All in all, it seemed like the perfect place to start my career in law.

What really surprised me about AMOSS was the atmosphere in the office.  You could just as easily talk to a partner as you could to a trainee solicitor and everyone was always happy to help with any queries or questions I had during my time in the Real Estate and Defence Litigation departments. Unlike a lot of other firms, AMOSS lets you stay in the same department for the full internship. This might seem a bit limiting if you want to find out what it like to work in different areas of law but in reality it’s the only way to actually understand what its like to work in any area, as it always takes at least a week to get settled into a new department and a new area of law. While everyone (interns included) works hard the atmosphere was always relaxed and friendly. I’d strongly recommend applying to AMOSS if you want to get a real look at life as a solicitor and if you want an internship that you’ll enjoy every moment of.

The kind of work that you’ll do during your internship will obviously vary from department to department, but while it will more than likely involve some of the traditional holy trinity of intern work- filing, printing and scanning- it’ll also involve a lot more challenging work, like working on cases, creating legal documents and doing legal research for partners. There's also a presentation in front of the partners in week three, which is a great opportunity to show off what you’ve learnt to the people who might end up offering you a traineeship. All in all, you’ll definitely leave AMOSS with a hugely positive experience of working in a law firm and a lot of experience that will help you wherever you start your legal career.