Enda Kelly

My name is Enda Kelly and I took part in the AMOSS Summer Internship Programme 2018, working in its Banking Department. I completed a BCL in NUIG in 2015 and an LLM in 2016. When studying for my BCL I always had an interest in banking and commercial law subjects. While looking for summer internships, AMOSS really stood out to me as they have a great reputation as a commercial law firm and are one of the fastest growing firms in Ireland.

What first struck me about the firm was how friendly and approachable everyone was. I immediately felt like a part of the team as opposed to just an intern. I quickly developed strong working relationships with everyone in the Banking Department and, as a result, I felt this maximised the potential for me to learn how a commercial law firm operates.

The experience I received over the four weeks was invaluable. As opposed to previous internships which involved a great deal of photocopying, I was involved in numerous ongoing matters and I had the opportunity to make significant contributions to these. One such task was being involved in the drafting of a lease which was worth hundreds of thousands of euros. This hands-on approach was incredibly rewarding.

I will leave AMOSS having further developed several important skills needed to be a successful solicitor such as my presentation, communication and teamwork skills. I have gained valuable experience of what it is like to work in a commercial law firm and looking back on my four weeks with AMOSS I am glad I chose their Summer Internship Programme.