Daniel Da Silva

I am a Law and Society student from DCU and I am going into my final year. I chose an internship with AMOSS because the culture of the firm stood out to me. They are a very ambitious law firm with an entrepreneurial spirit who are constantly growing; I also wanted to be part of that growth. When I started with AMOSS I was quite nervous as one would be when starting a new challenge but everyone was very friendly and approachable which made me feel welcome and helped me settle in. The firm also has an open-door policy so it was really easy to connect with people, including partners and senior solicitors.

I worked in the Insurance Defence Litigation team and what struck me was that on my first day I found myself in court with a colleague, getting hands-on experience of the various tasks that I would have. I am also very fortunate that I got to be involved in every stage of a case and I felt like a valued member of the team. I do not know if I would have received the same experience anywhere else. From my own previous experience at another firm, I spent my entire time shadowing someone else whereas with AMOSS my role kept evolving and under the guidance of a solicitor, I was constantly challenged to develop myself and my knowledge of the law in a practical way through the various tasks given to me.

In addition to working in the Insurance Defence Litigation team, solicitors and partners from other departments also approached me with tasks relating to other areas of law so I got to know a lot of people in other teams. The social life at the firm is also very good. The staff do a lot of fundraising events to give back to society throughout the year such as the AMOSS Bake Off, the Hell and Back Challenge, and the Calcutta Run which are both great fun and extremely rewarding.

AMOSS has played an enormous part in the development of my legal skills and knowledge and I have developed so many practical and crucial skills for my career. I really enjoyed every aspect of my internship with AMOSS and I would highly recommend their summer internship programme to any third level student who wants to get a sense of what life as a solicitor is like.